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Tutoring in Industrial Product Lines

Kitchen cabinet knobs, pulls, handles for display at a retail home center. There is a wide variety of models and styles available. Helping a customer select what
they need for their application is not an easy task. A typical industrial enclosure hardware OEM will have a hundred times more SKUs than shown here.
Tom W Sulcer, 2009, Public Domain

Tutoring objective

Provides the learner with a solid understanding of the all products able to be sold and where they can be best applied. Almost every industrial product now has a technical component that customers need to understand in order to properly select and utilize. Non-technical salespeople without some basic knowledge of their products are held back from capitalizing on the full potential of the relationships they have worked hard to develop.

Who will benefit from this tutoring

Areas of assistance

What is Unique About This Tutoring

If you are motivated to learn your lines, you will be able to do so in a reasonable amount of time. Each product will put into an easily digestible story meant for a non-technical person to hear. Product training from the factory often lands up being a litany of features and specs. That will be skipped in favor of exploring what interesting things the product does and how it can be used by your customers.

Your tutor will have the patience to go through your catalogs page by page with you if necessary so that you can be a master of your product lines.